Reverting some uncommitted change

Say now we delete the file hello.txt from the directory by mistake. hg status now shows that in output.

$ hg status
! hello.txt

We can revert back all the changes in our repo by using the following command.

$ hg revert --all
reverting hello.txt

In case you made some changes to bye.txt and want to revert only that file, you can do the following:

$ hg revert bye.txt

Removing a file

Let us add another text file named deleteme.txt, write anything inside of that file.:

$ hg add deleteme.txt
$ hg commit -m "Adds deleteme.txt file."

Now to remove it from the repository you can use remove command, remember to commit after removing.:

$ hg remove deleteme.txt
$ hg status
$ R deleteme.txt
$ hg commit -m "Removes deleteme.txt file"

We can see the commit log now.:

$ hg log
changeset:   4:5b1b400f84c3
tag:         tip
user:        Kushal Das <>
date:        Wed Jul 16 17:34:40 2014 +0530
summary:     Removes deleteme.txt file

changeset:   3:5022651fd32b
user:        Kushal Das <>
date:        Wed Jul 16 17:34:16 2014 +0530
summary:     Adds deleteme.txt file.

changeset:   2:0e558dd2a91d
user:        Kushal Das <>
date:        Mon Jul 14 20:53:32 2014 +0530
summary:     Adds bye.txt file and fixes hello.txt.

changeset:   1:48bfb8a095cb
user:        Kushal Das <>
date:        Mon Jul 14 20:29:59 2014 +0530
summary:     Second commit.

changeset:   0:a4754244eb89
user:        Kushal Das <>
date:        Mon Jul 14 20:00:14 2014 +0530
summary:     First change.

Difference between two revisions

Using hg diff command we can actually see what all changed between two revisions.:

$  hg diff -r 0:1
diff -r a4754244eb89 -r 48bfb8a095cb hello.txt
--- a/hello.txt Mon Jul 14 20:00:14 2014 +0530
+++ b/hello.txt Mon Jul 14 20:29:59 2014 +0530
@@ -1,1 +1,1 @@
-Hello World.
+Hello World!

Now think how to do the same for one particular file! :)


Visit the site and create an account there. After you login goto to manage account and add your ssh key there.


Now click on the Create button on the top menu to create a new repository. See the screenshot below.


Now create the repository, which will bring you to the next screen. As we already have a repository in our computer, we will use the second link there.


This will show the command required to push it to the repository so that everyone can view it.


I am running the command as given there.:

$ hg push ssh://
pushing to ssh://
searching for changes
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 5 changesets with 5 changes to 3 files

Now you can also create a file at .hg/hgrc so that you can just push/pull from you repository easily.:

default = ssh://