The questions are not in any particular order.

What are the topics covered?

The foss.training website contains details about the topics covered in the training.

How do I subscribe to the mailing list?

Go to the mailing list page, and then register like any other normal site.

What are the requisites for the training?

  • A fast Internet connection

  • Any modern Linux distribution. If you only have Windows, you can install it in a VM (say using Virtualbox).

How do I get the logs?

Find all the old logs at http://dgplug.org/irclogs/

How to check if a session is going on or not?

PM our bot batul with either class or session as the text. Batul will tell you.

How long does a session run?

It depends on that particular class. Generally 1-1.5 hours but some sessions went upto 3 hours. (Though long sessions happen rarely.)

How long is the summer training?

About three months.

Will the session details be sent to the mailing list?

Yes, we do send the details based on the sessions. Remember to keep an eye on the mailing list.

In case I miss a class, how do I catch up?

Read the logs if available, or ask for the logs from a friend. Most things taught, will have detailed docs available.

Do we need to learn something beforehand for this training?

Not really, if you follow the sessions properly you can learn while the training is going on.

How many sessions happen in a day?

Generally just one; rarely there might be more than one session in a day.

Will the time be the same for all the sessions?

Nope, it may change, depending on each session.

If I have to leave class early, should I announce it mid class?

Yes, just inform so and leave.

Is there any calendar available for the sessions?

We will enable a calendar in the first week of August to which you can subscribe.

How should I behave in the channel and during sessions?

  • In the channel we value a kind and polite tone. Don’t be rude or offensive, you risk getting kicked.

  • If no session is going on, feel free to ask questions and chat with the other participants. During sessions, do not speak unless called upon.

  • If you’re joining late when a session is (or could be) going on, don’t disturb and try to catch up. If you have a question, raise your hand by typing “!” and wait for your turn to speak.

  • Having guest speakers in the channel, we want to treat them as guests. Before firing questions at them, let them speak first.

How can I make the most of this training?

This summertraining can be a great source of information and provide you with a broad and solid fundament to build your developer skills upon. However, there is much more for you to discover. We are a community that supports each other. We advocate hackerism and openness and would love to welcome you as active participants among us. Talk to other people in the channel and you will most likely find like-minded persons and make some good new friends.

You should respect the following points:

  • Log files do not replace attendance during sessions. The training lives from active participation.

  • Try to be online in the channel as much as possible. If you come online for sessions only, you will miss many interesting conversations and don’t get in contact with other people in the channel.

  • You can ask any question in the channel. However, always make sure that you have tried to find the answer yourself before, using your favourite search engine or wiki or man pages, etc. We follow the motto “Learn yourself, teach others”.

  • Learning something requires commitment and enthusiasm. These are much valued characteristics that will earn our respect.